Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finding New Land

Oddly, I haven't written anything in a while.  haven't ridden in a while either.odd.
I do plan on finding new land to lay some tracks, figuratively as well as literally.
With Beast being ignored over winter and since my last trip, it's rightly time to put Beast back in action.  I think it's hungry.  Everytime i start it, it lurches as it knows it needs to be someplace else.  uncanny.

So far i've cleaned it up a bit (dusted the windscreen), did a 'tune up', got a new speedo cable, spark plug and adjusted the valves.  I'm hoping the added moose racing hand guards will help with the front end wobble, and now it's almost road worthy.

I say almost because the rear shock on the bike is done.  finished.  I suspect strongly it broke along the trip, either near the beginning of it or right before.  I think this was a huge factor in the handling characteristics of the bike and a possible contributing factor to my near death wobbles.

I've ordered a new high performance custom shock for Beast.  From all accounts, this is one of 'THE' shocks to use on a KLR650.

Beast will be happy.

I will also be happy because I am not planning this year's trip much.  I'll have to truly go with the flow and expect worst case scenarios.

Here's what i've planned so far:

Womper's 2011 route

Now with that out of the way, the planning phase is pretty much over. I just need to find out when I can book vacation and i just pack up and go.  I've already decided that the tent and sleeping back stays, but the cooking gear can stay at home.  So will the majority of tools.  I've always brought too much.  This time the tools will be light.

  • duct tape
  • electrical tape
  • spare fuses
  • wire
  • zip ties
  • selected socket sizes
  • hex key set
  • spare tubes, spoons, patch kit and pump
If it needs more than that, i probably can't fix it, or shouldn't fix it to make it worse. heh.

Oh ya, to the dude in Lowes in Yuma Arizona.  Yes they make Metal Zip Ties.  they didn't stop making them in the 70s.  if that was your day job, you might want to get re-educated so that you don't spew more ignorance over your company's name.