Saturday, June 23, 2012

Total Recall.... 2 weeks

I'm having a 'Total Recall' moment right now.

If you haven't seen the movie, here's the clip I feel like a the moment and is stuck in my head.

two weeks... two weeks... two weeks.

get ready for a big surprise! boom.

I need to relax and just live and let die. Erm... I meant live.

I haven't had much saddle time since 2010.  2011 was a write off, due to a few factors.  I was too busy for work, going through a major depressive phase, and frankly just didn't want to ride. When mental health, physical health and just all around busy with work and life took over my life... i stopped riding.

This year I've been plagued by health issues (hives) and the meds I was on made me so tired I could barely do anything.
Other considerations of why I didn't ride was so that the bike would be in tip top shape for the run across the eastern provinces.  I didn't want to use up the tires and other consumables before going out on an adventure.

But I did do a bunch on the bike.  Beast is ready to drop into gear... Now i must get my brain in alignment for the ride.

Here's the latest on Beast.  I put the 30 cal Ammo boxes on the bike (now lockable) and my PIAA lights as well.
Beast naked

 Beast Bareback

 Nice set of cans

big blue eyes (PIAA 1100x)

I now have some freeze dried food, a small shovel (in case i poop in the woods and for a fire pit) and some water purification tablets... hopefully to keep the beaver fever at bay for now.

I know these pics are lame, but hopefully the GoPro hero 2 with my canon camera will be able to take some nice shots out there.

And again, here's the calendar;