Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bangor? I hardly know 'er!

Day 19 Wednesday July 25th - My birthday!

I got up out of the tent this morning, standing there in my boxers and yelled at the top of my lungs.
wait that wasn't me.  That was this guy.

As much as I liked the site at Wolf Point, I really wanted to get going... I needed the open road.
The sun was shining and managed to pull out all the liners and pack them away.  Today I wouldn't need too much protection from the elements.

Off I went in search of... food!

I suck at this photography thing.

I rode until I got to Sussex NB, a town I had visited previously in 2008.(sussex 2008)
I was just on the hunt for food and didn't want to go to a chain restaurant... so I did the only thing possible.

I went to a chain restaurant.  I went to another Smitty's for the second day in a row.  I had the Bacon & Egg & Bacon breakfast.
It had eggs.  It had bacon. I ate it all.

As I was finishing up breakfast, two women come in, and two kids.  (mom and daugther and her two kids i assume)

The mother of the kids kept eating an apple as she walked in to the restaurant and sat down to order breakfast.  really?  you walk into a restaurant eating?  Some people have no sense of class or humility.
put the apple down!

Not much else but a lot of riding until I hit the border to Maine.
Maine? what's in Maine you ask?  I actually don't know... that's why I'm here.
I put on the GoPro for a while since the weather was nice but the damn lens kept fogging up.

No great roads to speak of... One pickup truck thought he was in a rally race of some sort and was completely in my lane around a blind corner.  Moron.

My GPS tracker was blinking red.  Uh oh.  What does that mean?  I didn't bring the manual but I'd hope I could figure it out.  Power blinking red every 3 seconds.  Let's see, what if I took out the batteries and put them back in like the remote control for the TV when the batteries are dying?  Success for a few minutes and flashing red.

The highway is pretty slow all the way through so far, no more than 55 mph but slow in many points.  I ride pretty fast and one car passed me.  Quebec plates.  No wonder.

Got to Bangor Maine and got the first motel room that didn't seem sketchy but still not the most expensive.  The Days Inn usually fits the bill.

As the GPS messenger only takes Lithium batteries, I went out in search of a store that had them.  Walgreens... Walgreens must have them.  (For you Canadians, Walgreens = Shoppers Drug Mart)

With batteries in hand and back in the room, I went to a restaurant close by (20 feet away from the motel) called Ground Pounders.

I ordered some fried pickles as they looked different than what I've had back home.
not bad... Pickle chips really.
The ones I've had before are more like pickle wedges which are more like wet battered pickled slugs, slimy and gross.

The double burger.  Damn thing is huge.  See the bun under the rings?  that's a normal sized bun.  See the glass on the top right? MASSIVE.  I look like I have childs hands when drinking out of it.  Almost needed two hands...
The burger, cooked medium well, was good with the bacon, the swiss and cheddar cheese, pickle, onion, lettuce and tomato.  There was a LOT of delicious grease dripping from it and infusing the flavors into the ciabatta bun. I didn't even touch the fries.

After that monster... I couldn't move too much and just worked on the blog and tried to catch up with everyone wishing me a happy birthday.

Thanks all for the warm wishes.  Money is always prefered ;)

Now for an ancient and mysterious relaxation technique called sleep.

For tomorrow I run to the hills.

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