Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Steve Macqueen in this "Papillon"

Day 9, July 15th, Sunday.

I woke up and checked my phone.  It seemed that it was rainy as it was so dark.  I thought it was about 5am or maybe 6, but it was 8am.  through the clear window, it seemed wet outside.  damn.

I opened up the tent and was surprised by the sun shining.  Seems I put the tent in a shady spot and the water on the clear window was just dew.  Either there was a rain and I didn't notice, or just a lot of dew soaking everything not in or protected by the tent cover.  Nothing of mine was wet.


I didn't eat anything this morning, I wanted to get going and hopefully visit the motorcycle shop today.  My chain needs to be adjusted and I'll need an oil change.  The  last time I attempted to adjust my chain the bike fell on my head, I screwed it up and needed a new chain and sprocket.

A little ride through Gros Morne.

I stopped over at a little place called the Frontier Restaurant.
Not bad, but a bit on the expensive side.  I had to add homefries for more $$.

I had seen the "Insectarium" in the Newfoundland Tourist guide.  It's on the 430, 1km away from the Trans Canada Highway (TCH)

I like looking at bugs, so why not.  I'm fascinated by them. A $10.50 entry fee might be a big waste, but not as much a waste as the Bauly freeze dried foods.

Live butterfly pupae.  They are shipped from all over, to here and are pinned up by the silk, or they glue on little tabs of paper. This is at the entrance before getting to the main exhibit, the tarantula room, or the butterfly pavillion.

The Main Exhibit
There are a LOT of different bugs/insects/beetles here.  

Every panel the insects are mounted on are 1'x1' square.  there are a lot of panel and many different species, with where they are located.  there are also some displays with more information about certain insects.
Well worth the money for any budding entomologists.

I took many pictures, but here are a few of my favorites.

The Tarantula Room

The  Butterfly Pavilion
The pavilion has about 50 different species of butterflies flying around.  Quite nice.

I left the insectarium quite pleased.  well worth the $10.50 entry fee.
While getting on the  bike I realized a fatal mistake in my thinking.  I forgot what day of the week it was.  It was Sunday.  SUNDAY!  Motorcycle shops aren't open on Sundays!

So I decided to scope out the shops in the area and get a motel  room in Cornerbrook.
The Comfort Inn isn't cheap, but at least it's a nice room, WiFi, big comfy bed and a patio door that overlooks the city.   went back out to do some quick shopping of some essentials and went back to the motel room.

I sat out here watching the sun go down (and blog) for many hours.

I also had a few of these before supper
Then supper at the jungle jims which is attached to the motel.

Rings, cheese sticks and potato skins

And followed up with a burger

Back to the room, some more beer and more blogging until the sun set.

Tomorrow, Bike stuff and rain in the forcast. blech.

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