Thursday, July 5, 2012

Freaky Friday!!

Bad title I presume but Meh... it's Friday and I'm a little freaked out by this trip.

ok... so I'm not really freaked out but mostly apprehensive

I'll be leaving here Saturday morning and heading east.  I've prepared as much as I could and I know I'm still forgetting to do things.

From the reading/research i've done, the TransLab highway is the most difficult road in North America. Compound that with not having the proper tires for the ride and the lack of skill to ride it... well, we'll see.

At the top left corner you see "where in the hell is Womper".  this should show the last 7 days of where I am via a GPS Map.
If you see the dot not moving for a day or two along the road.  Don't be concerned, I may just be fixing the bike, or taking a break.

If you see the dot for about 3-4 days not moving... I may be crashed in the ditch with the bike on me.

If you see the dot move off the road and into the bush, continually moving.  A bear ate my Spot locator.
If you see that dot stop moving... you will then have proof that a bear does indeed shit in the woods.

Beast.  Ready for action.

Fear not.  I've got my gear, I've got my pepper spray and I've got my axe.

At least I can always make myself a nice spicy chipmunk stew if I get stuck.

3...2...1... countdown!

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