Monday, July 23, 2012

Zombie Apocolypse

Day 16 Sunday July 22nd.

My vacation from my vacation was still ongoing, Therefore no pictures.  I got up, got on the bike and went in search of smokes as I had run out the night before. Onward to Sherbrooke Village to a little gas station/store which I had gone to in 2008 for laundry.  I knew the place well as I had spent hours there.  Unfortunately as it was sunday, both gas stations in town were closed until 10.  The supermarket was closed until noon.

I needed gas pretty badly and saw on the GPS that there was a gas station in Liscomb, the next town over.
I rode over and saw that the gas station looked like it's been closed for nearly a decade.  Back I went to Sherbrooke village for Fuel, Food and Smokes.

on the way back, my primary tank went dry and had  to switch to reserve.  Would I make the distance with so little fuel?
Yes, yes I would.
I went to the gas station and picked up some much needed supplies that everyone (almost everyone) loves.  Smokes, hot dogs and buns.

Who doesn't love the lips and assholes of hotdogs you may ask? Vegans...those dirty dirty vegans.
Nothing with a face they say... Lips and assholes and chicken beaks don't have faces. heh.

Back to the Manor and we had a light snack of dogs.  After a few (many) beverages, I excused myself and took a much needed nap.  Life is hard at the manor. lol.

Everyone went to the secret beach with the humpback albino deer, but I declined and kept sleeping.  Supper was cooked and I slept through that as well.  As an insomniac, I take whatever blissful sleep I can take and take it I did.  Then again, I'm on vacation from my vacation dammit!

I awoke a little later and just relaxed some more.  Like I said.  Life is hard at the Manor.
Luckily for me, a plate of food was kept for me, which I polished off later in the evening.  Some delicious BBQ chicken with baked potatoes and corn.  Delicious.

The movie we were watching ended and I descended into another slumber.

You know what bugs me?  I can't for the life remember what the hell was playing!

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