Tuesday, July 24, 2012

mini update

Day 18, Tuesday July 24
mini update while i have internet access-

Wow, totally flaked out last night updating the blog that I forgot what happened during the course of the day.
If was quite life changing for a few people.

During the day we were about to go down to the beach on a path  John had just cut through, down to get access to the beach.  The day before Cameron got stung by a wasp and we suspected that there might be a wasp nest on the path.

I went first, as my eyesight is more keen than an eagle... about 20 feet in, the screaming started.  Both Peyton and Seth got stung.  I looked back and saw the two girls pick up a their boys and run up the hill.  I scooped up Seth and ran up after them.

Total damage; Peyton 3 stings, Seth 2 stings and I myself received 2 stings from the nasty buggers.
Guess my eyesight isn't that good.
There's good and bad news to this.  Good news is none of us is allergic and I received my 3rd lifetime sting.  Bad news is that we got stung.


Last night I was so busy updating the blog that I lost track of time and didn't think of food until it was near midnight.  For those who don't know, there just isn't anything open at midnight in downtown Truro within walking distance to the Comfort Inn.  Karla's Fish Stew/Chowder whatever it was, was great, but after many hours I needed more food.

So I picked up what I could find at the Circle K convenience store inside the Irving gas station across the street.

A ham sandwich, a couple of Fresca's and some pringles. not exaclty delicious but it filled a hole.  I dared not check the date on the sandwich.

This morning I called a shop and they should be able to help me. Woot.  My chain is sagging like a great grandmothers boobies right now.  It swings in the slightest of breezes.

Off to get a new chain and hopefully back on the road!

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