Friday, July 27, 2012

Just the stats ma'am

For those curious here's a breakdown of some stats.

Nights slept in Motels - 10 (manic 5, Lab city, port hope simpson, L'anse au Clair, Cornerbrook, Grand falls Windsor, Mount Pearl, Along the TCH, Truro NS, Bangor ME)

Nights camped out -6 (ranch in quebec, muskrat falls, pistolet bay, berry hill, cabot trail near cheticamp, wolf  point in fundy park)

I would have camped more had it not rained so much.

Kilometers travelled:
-6817km, I believe over 1000 of those were all gravel

Max speed:
-142 km/h (88.1 mph)

Ferries traversed- 4 (free one near tadoussac, labrador to NFLD, NFLD to NS, Englishtown ferry on cabot trail)

Problems with bike:
- needed a new chain.  The Last chain was put on in Texas in 2010.  Cause is neglect and riding Beast a little too hard.
-The topcase mounting brackets threatened to break themselves into little pieces but held on.  The trans-lab highway really banged away at the bike that the small fractures in the brackets became a real cause for concern.  I ignored it and had no further troubles with it.

I cannot complain as to the performance Beast gave.  I abused that bike more than I thought I could abuse it and it took it in stride.

Beast got a lot of compliments from Bikers (sport, Harley types, KLR fans) non riders (old people looking at the stickers and wanting to talk about where we've been) and kids.
The kids love the zombie stickers.  Army guys like the ammo cans.  Little kids like the horn. hah.

other problems
- bluetooth headset didn't work out of the gate. didn't use it the whole trip
- hurt my wrist badly along the TCH in Newfoundland.  Still freaking hurts like hell.

The rainy days:
At manic 5 I stayed at a motel but wanted to camp out overlooking the dam.
motel for lab city, although there was no real place to camp
no place to camp for L'anse au Clair, plus it was raining.
grand falls windsor, too much rain to camp
mount pearl and TCH, too tired and wanted someplace to dry out.

Number of bug bites:
- too many to count

Number of wasp stings:
- 2

Number of blisters:
- too many to count, but they all turned to callouses now anyhow.

What I packed too much of:
-camping gear, or more correctly, the right camping gear. forget the stove and pots next time, i'm going Full Hobo.
-electronics.  I had the bluetooth, statlite radio, GoPro, Canon camera, Laptop, cables, etc..  need to trim that down

What I didn't pack enough of:
- I had my bases covered.  only thing I didn't use was the majority of the tools, the spare tubes and cables and some camping gear.  I can always shed some of that too.

Over the years it took me a little over 57000 Kilometres to travel from Ottawa to the furthest reaches of Canada and the United States.  I've gone to Deadhorse Alaska, San Diego California, Key West Florida and now Cape Spear Newfoundland.  I've completed the four corners and as much as it seems a lame 'goal' to have, it was a goal nonetheless.  mission accomplished.  Now someone bake me a pie.

There are always things that one would do different... If I were to do it again, I would certain change some little things around in respect to the bike and things I did.  Overall, I think I did the best with the knowledge and experience I had.
Such is life.  life is pretty good.

Not camping overlooking the dam.
Not taking care of Beast and the chain.
Not being able to get more GoPro footage.
Other, more personal regrets. heh.

Now the planning for the next adventure is at hand.  This is dependant on a few things though.
1) the conditions of the Mexican Border.  2) If someone wants to go with me to Panama. :)

If those conditions aren't met, I guess I'll have to go solo again to places I haven't been before.  Right now I'm thinking southern Utah and Colorado.  hmm.. endless possibilities.  (Now how to I try to get the time off with my boss at work? heh)

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  1. Welcome Home Al!, 6800km?? WTF! Have a good sleep in your own bed, hope you get some pie soon