Monday, July 23, 2012

Destination Fanning Taylor Manor...

Day 15, July 21st, Saturday.

I got up and showered right away.  I wanted to get a move on quickly today.  Things to see, people to do... or something like that.

I let my poor bladder shrink to a decent size at the urinal and turned around to the sinks to wash my hands.  There was a mouse stuck in one of the sinks and couldn't get out.  I figured I'd shower, go back and get my camera and then take a picture.  I haven't seen many animals on this trip, so I wanted to take advantage of it.

After the shower I noticed someone had put some toilet paper as an escape ladder for the mouse to get out, so no pic of the furry beast.
Random pics along the coast.

I made my way south and took highway 395 I think.  What a great twisty road, but I'm certain the cruiser and sport biker crowd would hate it.  The condition of the road was horrible.  I had fun on it though...

I stopped in at the Canso Causeway Irving Big Stop.  I needed some breakfast.

I went with the traditional breakfast with a couple of Donair Egg Rolls.  They're pretty awesome.

I went to Antigonish for a Tims coffee, then south on the 7 towards my destination for the night, Port Hillford.  Things looked a little familiar, as do most places I've been to in the past, but a little too familiar.

As it turns out, I took this very same road in 2008 on my other trip.  What are the chances.
My destination was the Fanning Taylor Manor, a beautiful home with a great view and a garage that looks like a Hobbit Shire home from Lord of the Rings.  Neato.

Here's the view from the back.  It faces the ocean beach.  A beach that will have an imprint on the rest of my life.  more on that later.

I was glad to have a beer in my hand, sitting on the back deck and listening to the ocean surf on the beach.  My wrist, giving me problems again since I almost dropped the bike in the parking lot at the Cafe on the Cabot Trail, finally had a chance to rest.  So did my brain.  I put that on hold for a little while.

I took my smelly boots off and put them on the bike to air out and I just relaxed for a bit.  I told Karla's son, Cameron, that if he wanted to smell something really bad to go smell my boots. As they were pretty much eye level to him, he did.  His expression/sounds and the watering of the eyes told the whole story.  I asked if the other boot smelled as bad.  Again he took a whiff.  Again, the non-rehearsed theatrics continued.
It was worth having smelly boots just to see and hear Cameron's expression.  Priceless.

Little did I know that more people were coming in honor of me.  Ok, it was just a coincidence but Karla's brother (Jody) and Sister (Melissa) and her kids were coming.
I still say it was a party for me.

Karla and Logan.  I shall call this picture "Comedy and Tragedy" 

Karla, Logan and Cameron

words cannot express this. I shall let the picture do the talking.

Tickling, Hockey player style

Logan with me calling her name

And logan after focusing on my face.

And then Mommy calls to her.

There you have it.  Proof that I scare little children.

As the rest of the day was my vacation from my vacation, the camera was put away. 
This was also done to protect the innocent and guilty alike.  I'm not going to say who.  But it's everyone and no one.


The night was filled with a bit of drinking, chatting with Jody, Melissa, Karla and John and Just having a good relaxing time.

Someone at roughly 2am twisted my rubber arm to go swimming in the ocean.  Well, there's something I haven't done in my life. Off we went into the dark in search of this wonderful beach, with the crashing waves and the crying loons.

Maybe we were the loons... We must have sounded  like it to the campers nearby. 
We first crossed a little stream to get to the beach.  I thought this was cold on my feet and made me shiver more deeply than I already was.  You see, in my inebriated state, I was on the back deck already shivering.

Little did I know what was to come.  In to the knees I went, and locked in iciness they did.  I steeled my courage further and went up to my groin.  This is where I thought I became an Instant eunuch, or that my testicles took a run for higher ground.  I think my voice went up an octave.

I finally dunked in but no matter how much I tried I just could not breath.  I kept panting.  I tried again a few more times and wasn't successful for many long stretches.

There are two ways to make someone learn or remember things, Pain and Humiliation.  Pain it was as this memory will be forever seared into my soul.

It's not something I will forget easily.

As soon as I got out, I was instantly warmer and stopped shivering.  I continued to get warmer into the early hours of the morning until the temperature was just right.

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